10 Famous Travel Destinations in Western Europe

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Traveling to Europe may be the dream of some people. Europe does have its own charm for tourists from various parts of the world. One of the most visited is Western Europe where in Western Europe there are many popular countries that are often used as tourist destinations. Here are some tourist destinations in Western Europe that are famous and you might want to visit.

1. Keukenhof Garden

One country you might want to explore is the Netherlands. this country is famous for its very famous flower gardens, the Keukenhof Garden. The location is approximately 45 minutes from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

The most beautiful flower garden in the world has an area of ​​approximately 32 hectares. There are approximately 7 flower blooms in each spring. You can visit there from March to May to get a more amazing view.

This flower garden will give a beautiful view. There are so many types of flowers that are planted in this garden. Usually certain festivals will also be held in this flower garden.

2. Dam Square

Dam Square Still in the Netherlands, there is a tourist attraction in Western Europe which is also popular, Dam Square. Dam Square is in Amsterdam and close to Amsterdam Centraal Station. This location is the historical center in Amsterdam.

Dam Square is actually a kind of Amsterdam city square which consists of several quite important and famous buildings in Amsterdam. There is also a National Monument that you can visit.

Navigating the streets in Dam Square will give you a distinct impression. Where typical European buildings will look magnificent. Besides that, there are also shopping centers, places to eat, and so on.

3. Lake Titise

Want to travel to the nature of Western Europe? You can visit a lake in southern Germany, Lake Titise. Tourist attractions in Germany this one has an area of ​​approximately 1.3 square kilometers.

Surrounded by Black Forest, this lake will become a natural destination that is truly natural to be explored. Where there you can also enjoy the very original black forest cake.

Lake Titise itself has a height of about 858 meters above sea level so that the temperature there is very cool and the air is also clean. There are many activities that can be done there such as surfing, sailing, swimming, and other sports.

4. Rhina Falls

Rhina FallsStill about nature tourism, you can visit one of the beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland, the Rhina Falls. This waterfall is a popular tourist attraction in Schaffhausen Switzerland.

This waterfall is a waterfall with a width reaching 150 meters with a height of about 23 meters. The scenery that will be obtained is certainly very beautiful. In July, the waterfall level will be at the highest level.

There are many activities that can be done there. You can go up to the coral island in the middle of the river to enjoy the view. But if it's busy, visitors must take turns to get on the coral island.

5. Zurich

Zurich If you want to explore a city that is amazing and gives a different impression, maybe Zurich can be one of the tourist destinations in Western Europe that can answer it.

Tourist Attractions In Switzerland this one is known as the economic center city in Switzerland. But this city also has many interesting things that are suitable to be explored. There are many tourist attractions in this city.

Some tourist attractions can even be visited for free. For those of you who want to save money when on vacation, can enter some of these free attractions. This city is in the north of Switzerland and has a quite different impression.

6. Seine River Cruise

Seine River Cruise The Seine River is a river that divides Paris. This river is a commercial waterway in Paris and is also often visited as a tourist attraction in Western Europe.

There are ships that tourists can take to walk along this beautiful river. From a boat trip, tourists can observe the city of Paris in a different way.

Tourists can also find several Paris landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Museums, and so on from the ship. The views of the city of Paris are beautiful and well arranged will make you feel at home to travel there.

7. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower It's incomplete if it does not make the Eiffel Tower as a tourist attraction in Western Europe that must be visited. Tourist attractions in Paris this one is already well known to all corners of the world.

The tower which has a height of up to 325 meters is indeed beautiful and is one of the landmarks of Paris, even France. The tower is often visited by tourists and tourists can also go up to the tower.

At the top of the tower there is a restaurant and place to eat typical Paris. In addition, there are also some luxurious places to have a romantic meal with a partner. In addition, views of Paris from above can be enjoyed.

8. The Louvre Museum.

The Louvre Museum Are you a lover of art and historical objects? Maybe this one you can visit as one of the tours in Western Europe. Where this museum is a popular museum in Paris.

Inside is a very popular, Leonardo Da Vinci work, the Mona Lisa. Besides this museum is the largest National Museum in Paris. This museum is the most visited museum.

At least there are approximately 15,000 visitors per day. In addition, this museum also holds several ancient objects from the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian relics. There are also some relics of Islamic civilization in the past.

9. Arc De Triomphoe

Arc De Triomphoe One of the places in Paris France that is also popular with tourists when in Western Europe is the Arc De Triomphoe. This place is one of the proofs of the history of Paris.

Arc De Triomphe means the victory bow. Where this monument was erected in honor of the services of La Grande Armee in winning the battle in 1805 at Austerlitz.

This monument also has European artistic value. Visitors can see some relics of the First World War in this one museum. The top can also give you a beautiful view of Paris.

10. The Obelisk

The Obelisk The Obelisk is one of the old monuments in the city of Paris. This monument has a height of about 22 meters and weighs up to 250 tons. This monument is one of the obelisks outside the Egyptian Lu xor temple.

At present the obelisk monument is in the Place de la Concorde square complex. This monument is made of red granite rock. There are Egyptian hieroglyphs that describe Ramses II and Ramses III.

The top has a pyramid lid. The cover is decorated with gold leaf. This place is indeed quite popular and might also interest you to visit it while in Paris.

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