5 Crazy Rites That Are Still Performed By Tribes in Africa To Today

Since it was first created, humans have continued to experience change. Previously, only using an ax made of bone, then it has been replaced using metal. The more here, everything is getting neatly arranged. Unfortunately, civilization is only centralized in certain regions, making other regions still dark alias primitive. Even today, there are still primitive tribes that still maintain life first. Even though in other parts of the Earth, the drones are already flying.
Africa is arguably the slowest developing region. The proof, today there are still many rural tribes there. This outback tribe is truly still in line with its ancestors. In the sense of still cultivating the way of life of the ancients, including not leaving the rituals that we think must be terrible.
Now, talking about African tribal rituals, get ready to be surprised because of his madness. This time we will peel a little of the habits of the interior tribes that will surely make you cringe.

1. Maasai Moran
Usually, the ancient tribes routinely commemorate important moments in the lives of their members. For example, children who have started to grow up. Many tribes hold this manhood ritual. One of them is the Maasai tribe in Kenya who package rituals to maturity in extreme ways. Moran's name or long description can be interpreted against a lion.

Maasai teenagers who are old enough must pass this ritual. They will be sent to a forest to practice survival or survival. Not only but they also carry an important mission that is a sign of maturity by fighting to the death against a lion. The difficulty of this ritual is coupled with weapons capital that is only a simple spear.

2. Ritual Choosing a Prospective Wife
In Uganda, there is a primitive tribe called Baganda who also cultivate their ancient crazy rituals. This is about how the Baganda people choose their future wives. Usually, if the wedding rituals like this, the men will fight to get a wife, but in Baganda, it is very different. Instead of fighting, they are presented with  heaven on earth.

Yes, the men are forced to choose several women at once then they will go to a closed place and then do something. After finishing the man will propose to one of a group of women he chose first. This ritual may be at first glance in favor of men, but because of this many virgins actually get HIV.

3. Ritual Drinking Blood
Some African tribes may hate immigrants, but some don't. For example, Masaai, known as a friendly tribe, invited newcomers to get closer to them. However, their friendliness will only occur if the migrants go through a ritual that makes a stomach ache. Yes, drink fresh blood.

Fresh blood is collected by traditional elders from livestock that are still alive. After enough, then the blood is drunk to anyone who wants to live with them. To reduce the rancid taste, they also provide blood mixed with milk.

4. Inheritance of the Wife
Some tribes in Africa are known to still use the wife's inheritance system. The procedure for implementation is when a married brother dies, the other brother has the right to inherit his brother's wife. This is so that the bloodlines of the clans can be maintained.

Something very strange, of course, even if viewed from another perspective, this is very contrary to human rights. A wife who is left dead should be free to choose who is her husband's successor. In the end, this culture does have a negative effect, namely HIV which is increasingly spreading.

5. Sacrifice Rituals
The Maya and Aztecs are very famous for this sacrifice. It is even said that they have already spent a few percents of their population on it. These two tribes are extinct, ritual offerings are gone. Until finally found again and the perpetrators of the rituals are tribes in Africa.

The ritual of sacrifice is still carried out by several tribes there. Usually, the victims or victims are special people, for example, African children born with albino conditions. This ritual itself is intended so that the god gives them lots of fortune and wealth.

Source : boombastis.com