Do you have a credit card? The existence of a credit card will make it easier for us to transact to pay expenses. But if it is not wise, it will get you stuck in credit card debt.

credit card

So you don't get caught up in credit card debt, don't ever use it for these 4 things:

1. Source of income for emergency funds

Credit cards are not emergency funds, or additional funds that can be used for urgent needs. Swiping a credit card means increasing debt.

2. Paying children's school fees

At present, many schools utilize EDC machine procurement facilities with the aim of making it easier for parents to pay school fees. However, that does not mean you can pay your children's school fees with a credit card.
If you do not pay off when the bill comes, it will make you owe more. Especially if you calculate the interest costs charged.

3. Paying zakat, infaq and sadaqah

The use of loan facilities to pay zakat, infaq and sadaqah feels unwise. You should set aside at least 2.5% of our income by taking from payroll funds in a savings account.

4. Monthly shopping

There is a danger of lurking if you use a credit card for monthly shopping. Besides generally being less controlled because they feel free of the limits of the credit card provided, also many other things.
This habit will trigger the occurrence of subtle leaks, such as buying unnecessary snacks and other groceries due to remaining credit card limits. And even worse, if you forget to pay this monthly shopping bill, it will not incur no small amount of interest.
Get used to having a budget or monthly expenditure items that are routinely done. Use credit cards wisely. Remember that credit cards are debt cards, not reserve funds.