If Kim Jong Un dies, this is the order of successor candidates (North Korea)

North Korea has never publicized who will replace Kim Jong Un if he is unable to lead. However, analysts say, his younger sister and loyalists can take over the reins of leadership until a successor is old enough to take over. Every change of leadership in North Korea has increased the prospect of a leadership vacuum or the collapse of the Kim dynasty, which has ruled the country since 1948. 

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So far, each of the three Kim who ruled North Korea has dashed hopes, holding onto the power of an iron fist.

1. Kim Yo Jong 

Kim Jong Un's younger sister has become the most visible around the Supreme Leader in the last 2 years. He himself officially served as Director of the ruling Labor Central Committee but unofficially also became his brother's chief of staff. He was appointed as a substitute member of the ruling Workers' Politburo Central Committee which came to power earlier this month, continuing his career advancement in the leadership hierarchy. Kim Yo Jong (31) has strong control over key party functions, establishing himself as the main source of strength behind collective leadership.

2. Old circles

Choe Ryong Hae rose to become North Korea's nominal head of state last year and became President of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly.
This ended decades of service with the ruling Kim family party and previously served as the influential political head of North Korea's military under the young leader.
He and Pak Pong Ju, fellow politburo members and former prime ministers of the state were reported by Reuters as likely to become figures who formed collective leadership.
Kim Yong Chol, the party's deputy chairman, and former main nuclear envoy, and Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon can be assigned to handle diplomatic matters including stalled denuclearization talks.
Because they play a key role in the summit with US President Donald Trump.

3. Isolated brother and aunt Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Chol is Kim Jong Un's older brother but is not yet part of North Korea's leadership.
Instead, he led a quiet life playing music, said Thae Yong Ho, a former North Korean deputy ambassador in London who defected to South Korea.
He is believed to be not interested in public life and is unlikely to emerge as the main character. However, some analysts say he maintains relations with his siblings and can play a more contingent public role.
Then Kim Kyong Hui's aunt was once a strong figure in the leadership circle when her brother, Kim Jong Il, ruled the country.
She has not been seen since her husband, Jang Song Thaek, who was once considered the second strongest man in the country, was executed in 2013 by Kim Jong Un.
Kim Kyong Hui has been sick for a long time but briefly appeared earlier this year at a gala performance with his niece.

4. The fourth generation

Kim Jong Un is believed to have three children with Ri Sol Ju. His youngest child was born in 2017, according to South Korean National Intelligence.
The oldest child is a 10-year-old son, which means one of the three will need the help of a relative or political guardian if they want to become leaders of the fourth generation offspring.
Kim Jong Il has been prepared for 20 years to lead the country, while Kim Jong Un only has more than a year due to his father's sudden death from a stroke.
"Kim Yo Jong may not take over leadership but can help build a temporary regime as a power broker until the children grow up."
"And Kim Jong Chol might come back to help for a while," said Go Myong-Hyun, a researcher at the Institute for Asian Policy Studies in Seoul.

Source : kompas.com