These are 11 of the Greatest Natural Disasters in Australian History

CANBERRA - Australia experienced many natural disasters, including forest fires, floods, typhoons, terrible storms, earthquakes and landslides. These disasters occur frequently, but at unpredictable times, causing fatalities and destruction to people's homes and livelihoods. Here are the 11 biggest natural disasters in Australia's history.

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1. Typhoon Tracy 1974 - Darwin

Darwin ravaged Christmas Day by the most significant tropical storm in Australia. Taufan Tracy is small by world standards, but intense and faces a big disaster. 71 1. Typhoon Tracy 1974 - Darwin
Darwin ravaged Christmas Day by the most significant tropical storm in Australia. Taufan Tracy is small by world standards, but intense and faces a big disaster. 71 people took three years to rebuild and repair more than 2500 houses.

2. Ash Forest Fires Wednesday 1983 - Victoria & South Australia

The states of Victoria and South Australia are one of the hottest and driest summers on record. 75 people killed including 14 volunteer firefighters. 2300 houses destroyed and more than 300 thousand hectares of land scorched.

3. Earthquake 1989 - Newcastle

Although the earthquake was only 5.6 on the Richter Scale, it was the most destructive earthquake in Australian history. 13 lives were lost between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Many historic buildings in the city were destroyed. 35 thousand were also destroyed, leaving a thousand people homeless. A total of 50 thousand buildings were damaged with a loss of 4 billion Australian dollars.

4. Dry Season 1991-95 - New South Wales and Queensland

The intense and prolonged dry season in the central and southern part of the state of Queensland and in the northern part of the state of New South Wales is the result of the lowest rainfall in Australian history. The livelihoods of many farmers who have been exhausted have been destroyed and destroyed. Inland production averaged more than 10 percent and the rate of increase increased. The loss on the economic estimate is around 5 billion Australian dollars.

5. Hailstorm 1999 - Sydney

Thunderstorms were approved by lightning and thunder hit Sydney, with hail rising to 9x8x8 centimeters. Rainstorms that cause widespread destruction in Sydney. 20 thousand buildings, 40 thousand vehicles and 25 aircraft were destroyed, with a loss of nearly 1.7 billion dollars.

6.Southeast Asia Heat Wave

Southeast Australia broke one of the most extreme heat waves in recorded history. During that period, 50 separate locations reached peaks in the highest temperatures during the day and night in a row. The highest temperature received in the state of Victoria is 48.8 degrees Celsius. An estimated 374 people died in Victoria in the first week of the heat wave.

7. Black Forest Fires Saturday 2009 - Victoria

Conditions to avoid the Black Saturday forests in Victoria are among the worst on record (see number 6). The temperature reaches 46 degrees Celsius and wind speeds of 100 kilometers per hour. 400 fires were difficult to control and 173 were paralyzed, including 120 in one fire in the Kinglake area alone.

8. Floods 2011 - Queensland

The 2011 flood is considered the biggest event in the history of the state of Queensland and is the largest flood in the history of Australia. 35 people were confirmed dead, more than 70 cities and more than 200 thousand people more dangerous. The loss was estimated at 2.38 billion Australian dollars.

9. Landslide 1997 - Thredbo

About a thousand tons of mud, rocks and trees hit two cabins in a ski resort, taking the first cabin to fall on top of the second cabin. Both buildings were destroyed and the people inside were buried in a landslide. Of the 19 buried people, Stuart Diver was the only survivor. After surviving for three nights in extremely cold temperatures and improving hypothermia, Stuart was successfully removed, starting a rescue operation for 10 hours.

10. Typhoon Yasi 2011 - Queensland

Taufan Yasi category 5 raises winds of 295 kilometers per hour and stretches 650 kilometers. Even though only one fatality was sent, Yasi was stronger in the landing compilation of Hurricane Katrina, which killed more than two thousand people.

11. Forest Fires 2013 - Sydney

October 14, 2013 is the hottest day of October ever recommended in the state of New South Wales. Entering October 18, 100 fires blazed in the state. The fire was the worst in New South Wales since the 1960s. Two people were damaged, 248 houses destroyed and damaged estimated at more than 94 million dollars. houses.

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