How to Make? (Tomato and Marinara Sauce Recipes), Difference between Tomato Sauce and Marinara Sauce

How To Make Tomato Sauce and Marinara Sauce, What is the Difference between Tomato Sauce and Marinara Sauce?

Marinara sauce and tomato sauce are both made of tomatoes. But actually, the two sauces have some differences.
Reporting from Reader’s Digest, many people are familiar with the taste of Italian tomato sauce. Usually, the sauce is mixed with pasta for several simple dinner variants.
There are also those that are boiled with eggs to make shashuka dishes or are poured over pizza dough.
You may often see the names of tomato sauce and marinara sauce stuck to cans or sauce containers in supermarkets. You might also have seen spaghetti or pizza sauce.
This raises the question, whether the sauce has special differences although both are based on tomatoes?
Apparently, not only are there differences, but the sauces are also only suitable for processing into certain offerings with different uses.

Recipe of Marinara Sauce

What is marinara?

If you are looking for a simple sauce that isn't too thick and tastes like tomatoes, then Marinara is the right choice.
Compared to tomato sauce, marinara is made with a fairly fast time, just boil over low heat for about an hour then the marinara sauce is ready to be served.
One of the most classic marinara versions uses San Marzano tomatoes. But if you don't have it and you can use any type of tomato.
Marinara sauce is seasoned with lots of garlic, crushed red peppers, and basil. There are also several other versions that use oregano.

How to make marinara sauce

According to Head Chef of Liberta Restaurant, Chef Wahyudi Kisworo explained that the main difference between marinara sauce and tomato sauce lies in how to cook and the ingredients used.
"Marinara is a quick sauce that usually consists of olive oil, garlic, Italian tomatoes that have been peeled (Italian tomato plum caned), and added herbs usually use oregano or basil,"
For the manufacturing process is also not long. After garlic sauteed using olive oil. After that, the freshly sliced ​​fresh basil leaves and a little chili powder are added.
Then let the marinara sauce boil over low heat slowly and the water will shrink.

The use of marinara sauce

Marinara sauce doesn't have a complex flavor, so this sauce is suitable for pasta and pizza.
If you find spaghetti sauce or pizza at the store, chances are the sauce is another version of marinara.
Marinara sauce is indeed commonly used for pasta and pizza. Marinara basically can also be used for many types of offerings.
Marinara added seafood into seafood marinara. Plus black olive anchovies are putanesca.

How to make tomato sauce

What is Tomato Sauce?

Unlike marinara, tomato sauce is more concentrated, rich in flavor, complex, and usually does not include vegetarian preparations.
This sauce is based on the classic French sauce, tomato sauce. It starts with processing pork or salted bacon, onions, carrots and roux made from flour and butter.
Then add fresh tomatoes, bay leaves, garlic, and beef broth.
Apart from using beef broth, modern recipes are now widely used there are using chicken broth as a substitute.

How to make tomato sauce

Meanwhile, to make tomato sauce a little longer. This sauce is long enough to cook.
It must be boiled over low heat for hours until it thickens, and makes the taste even deeper and even slightly sweet.
"The ingredients are added from marinara sauce. Plus onions, carrots, celery sticks cut into squares and sauteed with garlic and olive oil until fragrant, "said Chef Wahyudi.
Next, add tomatoes, oregano, fresh basil leaves, and bay leaves. Then cook over high heat until it boils and don't forget to stir it occasionally so that it is evenly mixed and doesn't burn.
"Remove the sauce and crushed, then filtered into puree. Can use a blender or baloon whisk (to crush). Then reheat until it boils up again. "

Use of tomato sauce

According to Chef Wahyudi the use of tomato sauce is far more extensive than marinara sauce.
This sauce can also be served with pasta, but has never been used for pizza sauce at all.
Because the tomato sauce is too thick if used for pizza, while marinara is sufficient consistency.
You can also serve tomato sauce with biscuits for breakfast or use it with meat that is processed by other smothering methods such as chicken cacciatore.
"Can be bolognaise sauce (beef doubt plus tomato sauce to be bolognaise. Plus bacon becomes amatriciana, put on fried chicken cutlet plus mozarella into chicken parmagiana and many more," explained Chef Wahyudi.
If you've heard of the name Sunday sauce, it's a variation of the classic tomato sauce.
Usually contain additional ingredients such as meat. For example, pork ribs, ground beef, or Italian sausage.
Tomato sauce which has a rich taste and thick texture makes it suitable for foods that are processed by smothering.
Smothering is a cooking technique by cooking it in a pan that is covered over low heat with a little liquid.